Idaho is a great place to live. I know you'll love it here so let me show you around!

Many people in California, Washington and Oregon would like to move out of state looking for a place that can offer them a quality life style, affordable homes, insurance and food and a safe place to live and raise their kids. It's a hard decision with many factors to consider and that is where I can help you! As a licensed Realtor with the widest range of knowhow and experience in the industry, I'm here to help you buy and sell your home or investment property(s) today.

When I was a child, we visited Idaho almost every year and I always loved it. I often wondered why we didn't just move there but at that time the economy wasn't great in Idaho and there wasn't much in the way of jobs or amenities - well that has all changed due to a huge influx in people moving here from California, Washington, and Oregon where they have been driven out by high taxes, high crime rates and generally uncomfortable day to day living conditions.

I moved to Boise, Idaho from Southern California in 1992 and it was the best thing I ever did! My kids go to great schools and enjoy a wonderful quality of life. There are lots of recreational activities, as well as a fantastic downtown full of events.

Many people, when they think of Idaho, think cold ..... snow ..... desolate .... but nothing could be further from the truth. Here are some things you may not know about Idaho .... particularly the Treasure Valley which is home to many cities and communities, including the capitol Boise.

Here are a few things you may
not know about Idaho and Boise.
We have a long warm summer and enjoy all four seasons.
Home prices in Idaho are much lower than in California, Washington and Oregon.
Where else can you fish, ski and hunt. We have perfect weather for countless activities.
We have a nice Art Museum, a Ballet, an Opera and 2 very nice venues for performing arts.
Idaho State has 30 State Parks and offers a state parks pass for only $10 with your vehicle registration each year. What a deal !
We have of course the BSU Broncos football team, the Steelheads and baseball with the Boise Hawks.
Vehicle Registration
This is a real sore point with many in California. Idaho has very low rates that you will love!
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